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The Tresillian Archives are a treasure trove of resources that tell the story of the Royal Society of Wefare of Mothers & Babies. It’s everything from old weighing scales, to traditional nurses uniforms, name badges, not to mention feeding equipment and baby toys from a bygone era, that brings to life the pioneering spirit of our child and family health sisters.

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I wanted to say thank you for the service I received yesterday on the Parent’s Help Line. It was a call back from a lovely nurse. She gave me a range of options with the advice of working out a plan that would suit the whole family. My husband and I were able to quickly agree on the best way to help our youngest, a 3 year old with long standing sleep issues. I found the nurse very respectful of our personal beliefs and family situation. She treated me kindly and was very non-judgemental in her approach. She is to be commended for representing your organisation well.

Thank you so much for all of your expertise and wonderful support over the past few months. The Canterbury Day Stay service was amazing and helped us so much. We are all eating and sleeping better now!

I wanted to say a big thank you for all the great advice and help you have provided during out visits to Tresillian Wollstonecraft. The boys are feeding and sleeping well. Myself and Terry are also sleeping a lot better thankfully! We have managed to drop the night feed on your advice and it was a lot easier than we had anticipated. Every now and then they demand a night time snack but otherwise they sleep from 11pm-6am. I fully expect some changes once they start on solids but for for now things are going smoothly.

Thank you tresillian, you promptly returned my call and gave me sound advice with a lovely manner on how to get my 18 month to settle at night. It has worked a treat, for the first time ever both my husband and I are confident to get him down, there is no screaming and it takes 30 minutes instead of 120. Also no more waking in the night demanding to get into bed with us. Awesome.

We have just got home from Tresillian Nepean with our 6 month old. Our stay at Tresillian made the world of difference in breaking habits, which we had tried and tried to do already, and gaining confidence. A bit of work to go still but I know we will be able to persist and reinforce the skills we learnt. Thank you, the stay at Tresillian has already made huge improvements in my sanity and our relationship!

Tresillian changed our lives!

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