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Beck Brien

I have never been so supported and validated as a parent. I think we often feel we are being melodramatic with our problems and feel silly when we can’t sort them out ourselves like it seems everyone else can. This wasn’t the case and I never once felt “judged” or like a failure from anyone, just supported. I cannot speak more highly of our experience with Nepean Tresillian. Without a word of a lie, the residential stay saved my sanity and most likely our marriage. Sharing the experience with my husband had us on the same page in terms of sleep and parenting in general. I often liken it to 5 days of marriage counseling, 24hrs a day. An emotionally exhausting experience for me, diagnosed with antenatal mental health issues as 32 weeks pregnant with our second, I had never been more fragile or vulnerable. I let all my guards down and still never once felt like a failure. The holistic approach to feeding, sleeping and behaviour as well as child and maternal health is incredible, something that a 5 day stay allows an insight into but also stops parents from masking the truth. A 15 minute GP appointment cannot see the full picture and I often felt dismissed in my concerns at this level, but not once in my experience with Tresillian.

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