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Kaylene Frizell

Waaayyy back in 2004 I had the biggest change in my short 10 months of being a new mum to a 9 week premature boy who would NOT sleep.
We arrived on extremely sleep deprived on Father’s Day and spent the next 5 days working on strategies to get my boy to sleep on his own & steering my mental health on to the right path.
The first night was by far the hardest, but so worth it when you go home and continue with what you have been shown and your baby actually sleeps so you finally sleep too.
Going to Tresillian was honestly the best (& hardest) thing I could have done and it has paid off with my following 2 children being (almost) perfect sleepers.
To any parent that is struggling and is offered to go, please don’t hesitate. Not only does it improve your babies sleep patterns but your mental health too.

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